Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is content free; that is, the model is a framework through which we can address a diverse range of people development issues.

Here’s an example of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® in use in the context of a ‘troubled family’, a focus for local authorities across the UK.

This Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® illustration involves a parent (Mum), an adolescent child (Jade) and their Key Worker.  Imagine what could be achieved with Continue & Begin® when used throughout the education welfare system…

Key Worker: Good to see you both. How have you been getting on?

Parent: Still can’t get her up for school in the morning – she’s a nightmare!

Key Worker: So, what’s been happening?

Parent: She spends all night on Facebook or watching TV and then she’s too tired to get up for school.

Key Worker: Mmm, ok. Well let’s park that for a minute. What’s been going on in a good way?

Parent: What do you mean?

Key Worker: What’s happened that’s been positive, that you’ve both been pleased with – over the last week or so…

Parent:  I dunno.

Key Worker: what about you Jade?

Child: Dunno.

Key Worker: Well, let’s have a think. What has Jade done this week that’s been a step in the right direction for you both?

Parent: Well…..I suppose she’s come in on time and she sat down to tea with me on Friday which was nice.

Key Worker: What time is ‘on time’?

Parent: 6 o’clock, that’s when I get tea ready.

Key Worker: That’s great – and what other positive things have been going on?

Parent: We’ve got on a bit better haven’t we? I mean we actually had a proper chat on Friday.

Child: Yeah, we had a family dinner with no arguments!

Key Worker: Yeah? That’s great! Family dinners are important. Tell me some more about your week.

Parent: She helped around the house a bit and I can see the floor of her bedroom – the first time ever!

Child:  I’m not that bad!

Key Worker: What specifically have you done round the house Jade?

Child: Umm, I changed my bed and helped mum with the washing on Sunday.

Key worker: I bet that was helpful for your Mum.  So things are progressing. Let’s just remind ourselves, what’s gone well this week? Remind me…

Parent: She’s been coming in on time. At 6 o’clock.

Key Worker: That’s right, and…

Parent: Sat down to tea as a family on Friday.

Child: … and we had a proper chat.

Parent: …and you helped with the bedding and washing on Sunday.

Key Worker: Cool! That’s four pieces of good news then!

Parent: I suppose so, yes.

Key Worker: How do you feel about that Jade?

Child: Good I suppose.

Key Worker: Very good! Can you keep that up this week? Make it the norm?

Child: What?

Key worker: Coming in by 6 o’clock, eating dinner together on Friday, and helping around the house with changing your bed and helping mum with the washing on Sunday?

Child: S’pose so. 

Key Worker: Ok, well that’s real progress! How could things improve even more?

Parent: She could go to school. That’s the main problem.

Key Worker: Ok, and how could that happen?

Child: It can’t, I don’t like it.

Key Worker: Well, what could we do to make you feel better about going?

Child: I don’t know. I don’t like my form tutor. I want to move classes. 

Key Worker: Well we could ask couldn’t we?

Child: I know a boy that’s moved classes recently when he asked.

Key Worker: Ok, if we were to go into school together and managed to change classes, would you promise to go to school?

Child: Yeah.

Key Worker: Well, let me give them a call when I get back to the office. I’ll do that if you promise to go to school on Monday and stay all day, even though you don’t like your form tutor. Will you do that?

Child: Dunno.

Key Worker: That’s the deal.

Child: Ok then.

Key Worker: Is that a promise?

Child: Yeah.

Key Worker: Ok, before I go though, let’s just remind ourselves of the progress we’ve made – what are the good things you’ve done in the last week Jade?

Child: Er…

Key Worker: Come in on time…

Child: Oh yeah.

Key Worker: And…

Child: Oh yeah and sat down for tea and me and mum had a good chat on Friday.

Parent: And you helped me so much on Sunday with the bedding and the washing

Key Worker: And you’re going to continue to do those things are you?

Child: Yeah.

Key Worker: That’s great! Ok, well I’ll get on and contact the school if you promise you’ll go to school on Monday, and stay there all day.

Child: Ok then.

Key Worker: I’ll pop round on Monday evening and see how you’ve got on and I’ll tell you how I’ve got on, is that ok?

Child: Ok, yeah. Thanks.