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“Nick and his team have worked hard to ensure our internal trainers are comfortable and confident in the delivery of Continue & Begin®. Enthusiasm and attention to detail has ensured we feel capable as a business to really make a difference using Fast Coaching. The positive impact Continue & Begin® is having in Virgin Media is already shining through. Managers and coaches are focussing on behavioural rather than a traditional technical approach. This is reaping great benefits. The support Nick and his team offer on an on-going basis will ensure the impact the model is having will continue. Continue & Begin is part of our DNA now and long may that continue.”

Simon Connolly
Head of Training & Development

“We went about training-in our new and simple, 5 step selling model. Crucially however we spent as much if not more time with our managers training them on how to coach this in, using Continue & Begin®. This sounds obvious, but we’d under-invested in training our managers in the past and fell into the classic mistake of not building up the consistency and sustainability of our approach. With our newly adopted Continue & Begin® model the standards of coaching-in a better sales performance using observed data and metrics is of primary importance.”

Mike Hawes
Director of Organisational Development

“Continue & Begin® has offered us a unique platform to start building the essential people management skills to grow our business. The results achieved have been incredible; measured in behavioral changes across the whole workforce. The easy approach and simplicity with which the training is delivered made investing in this product worth every single penny. The return is tangible from day one. We now have a consolidated and competitive commercial advantage.” 

Paolo Cimbri
EMEA Retail Operations Manager

“We put huge resources into increasing the competencies of our sales people. Sustainability at local level is a fundamental basis of success. Coaching is only possible using a workable model and Continue & Begin® is just that. Helping store owners and managers to help their salespeople has a massive potential to increase sales and is an area we continue to support. Especially in these challenging retail times.” 

Steve Devonshire
Training Manager UK, Netherlands and Benelux

“The simplicity of the Continue & Begin® process enables our managers to deliver effective coaching live on the shop floor and directly after the training event. This means it loses none of its impact, ensuring the Coachee gets maximum benefit.” 

Steve O’Neill
Regional Manager

“With Nick’s help we went about training our managers to use sales coaching to deliver sustainable excellence. Continue & Begin® has been readily embraced, giving managers a framework to help our good sales people to become even better.” 

Simon Williams
Group Operations Director

“Micheldever Tyre Services have been using Nick to work with their High Potential and High Performing managers for the last 8 months with the aim of improving both individual and business performance. After the first 3 one to one Coaching Sessions the effect on the individuals has been dramatic with all attendees both reporting and indeed delivering huge benefits both from a personal and professional perspective.
We have seen quite reserved managers growing in confidence, we have seen positive changes in leadership style and we have seen potentially negative habits addressed and removed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to any organisation that recognises that it’s success rests to a very large part on the quality and commitment of its people.”

Dave Haddock
Logistics Director
Micheldever Group Ltd


“What if there was a way, the silver bullet, the solution to the ever-existing challenge; how to tap into and unleash our and our people’s full potential? Perhaps a magical method that can be effortlessly applied and never fails? Perhaps something that anybody could use and share for the benefit of the people we care about? Well, that method exists, it’s called Continue and Begin Fast Coaching®; I have used it for years and it never failed me, at work, at home and in my personal sphere. Thank you, Nick, for enriching mine and the lives of those I care of around me.”

Paolo Cimbri
Global Retail Director
Helly Hansen Group


“Nick is the perfect combination of expertise, original thought and an enthralling communicator which is why the new audible version of Fast Coaching is the perfect way to develop your coaching skills.”


Simon Parrott
Customer Experience Performance Manager
Volvo Car UK Limited


“It is no secret that people do better when they feel better – we could all benefit from growth techniques that focus on what we do well. In this engaging audiobook, Nick Drake-Knight clearly details how to help people achieve their goals by building on existing strengths and asking insightful questions.”

Kimberly Allen, PhD, BCC, CFLE
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Programs, Youth, Family, and Community Sciences
North Carolina State University


“Listening to the Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® model can’t help but make you realise the most effective methods are the simplest models to deliver.  Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® has the ability to transform how we manage our teams and ourselves by offering a robust and effective method. Nick Drake-Knight has added an extra layer of effectiveness with the delivery of Continue and Begin Fast Coaching®.  No more laboured ‘feedback’ sessions and certainly no more ‘shoe pie’, let’s celebrate what we and our employees are doing well and then identify how they and we can be even better! This course has transformed our curriculum team, focussing us on the successes before identifying how we overcome the challenges businesses face.”

Alan Bartrum
Senior Training & Development Consultant
Henry Ford Academy


“Nick helped us deliver a learning solution which in turn was transformational in realising the potential of our customer facing people. That product was Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®. It is simple to learn, easy to use and is highly effective in people development. I use Continue & Begin® myself with the teams I manage. I have also trained many managers in my time with Virgin Media to use Continue & Begin®. In both cases I have seen and received positive feedback on the benefits realised. I would highly recommend Continue & Begin® as an effective people development tool.”

Michael Herraghty
Learning and Development manager (UK&I and Europe)
Lloyds Register


“If you think you know coaching, then Fast Coaching is for you. It boils down the essence of what great coaching can be and gives you the techniques and language to help get the best from people, by motivating them from the inside.” 

James Lucas
Quality Assurance Officer
Southern Housing Group Ltd


“This is a practical and easy applied coaching method, which delivers real results.  Full of examples and helpful tips to support the development of your coaching skills, this is a go-to audiobook for professionals at all levels.” 


Katie Woods-Ruddick
Head of HR
PX Group


“Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is an outstandingly simple and effective approach to improve both your operation’s performance and develop your management’s leadership skills.  I was a client of Nick’s when I managed a national kitchen and bathroom showroom business of 100+ outlets and was so impressed with the way my management team embraced the approach and our improved performance that I was delighted when I had the opportunity to become a Certified Trainer for the Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® system.”

Steve Chuter
Managing Director
Blue 52 Consulting Ltd


“For those of us who never have enough time to read for our professional and personal development, the Fast Coaching audiobook is a great solution. Listening to it while walking, commuting or doing other things is probably the only way to multitask effectively! The books itself is beautifully narrated by Nick Drake-Knight. It covers the history of the development and many applications of my favourite coaching model – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® – a brainchild of the author. Who can tell the story and teach you this method better than him? I highly recommend the Fast Coaching audiobook not only to professional coaches and those who are considering entering this profession, but also to parents, educators, managers and to anyone who is working with people.” 

Zoryna O’Donnell
Change Consultant, ICF Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker, Author and Business Owner


“I first came across Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® when I saw its impact upon struggling families. It seemed a powerful tool, able to engage the seemingly unengageables. It was only when I was fortunate enough to be able to be trained in this coaching approach, that I learned its true power. That is – its elegant simplicity. It speaks to the human need for recognition and praise and uses this to undermine coachees’ preoccupation with the negative, the failures, the glass-half-empty. In doing so, it helps individuals turnaround situations where they felt powerless, into circumstances where they have hope, ambition and achievable goals. This is a simply beautiful product and I use it often. Every client loves it. 100% recommended.” 

Astrid Davies
Managing Director – ADCL, Business and Career Mentor


“As a Continue & Begin® Trainer for over 10 years I have used this fast coaching model in many industries.  I love to see the obvious changes in people’s behaviour when they realise the effectiveness of the approach.  The methodology is straight-forward, easy to grasp and logical.  I hear many success stories of how this has worked with individuals and teams.” 

Emma Prunier
Momentum Training


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