Recently I was helping a UK business develop their national field team of Area Managers. I was working one-to-one developing personal goals, ‘resistor-busting’ strategies and their personal plans to discover new knowledge through reading.

We discussed useful reference points for their personal development. We explored Bateson, Bandler and Grinder, George Zalucki and the wonderful Frank Farrelly. One of the AMs asked me which sources of learning had contributed most to the evolution of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®. I promised to compile an indicative list of key influencers.

So, for the inquisitive, the inquiring, the enthralled and the entranced, below are a few reference points to enjoy. Now, if you were to begin the process of reading and were to uncover new understanding along the way, well that would be fine!

  • Alfred Adler; teleological goal setting
  • Gregory Bateson; patterns which connect
  • Aaron Beck; reframing
  • Eric Berne; transactional analysis/PAC
  • Noel Burch; competence/incompetence model
  • Noam Chomsky; transformational grammar basics
  • Epictetus; preframing, framing
  • Milton Erickson; presuppositions, embedded commands, indirect suggestions, metaphor, analogue marking
  • Frank Farrelly; provocative methods
  • John Grinder & Richard Bandler; modelling excellence, VAKOG
  • Avy Joseph; our imagination
  • Alfred Korzybski; nominalisations
  • George Miller’s Law 7+/-2
  • Michel de Montagne; worry
  • Frank Pucelik; 95% is smoke
  • Carl Rogers; get inside their world
  • Hermann Rorschach; perception
  • Dimitri Udnadze; yes sets
  • Hans Vaihinger; useful fictions, Act As If
  • George Zalucki; commitment mantra

Be careful what you learn…