Fast Coaching Audiobook – Learn how to fast-track your abilities (Digital Download)



FAST COACHING introduces a super-quick and super-effective approach to personal growth for use in families, schools, sport and business. Continue & Begin®, the rapid results method described in FAST COACHING, is now used worldwide by thousands of people-change professionals as their preferred fast coaching technology.

Continue & Begin® achieves results in just a few minutes!

FAST COACHING strengthens self-worth and busts through limiting belief patterns. By following a specific flow of questions, carefully crafted for their impact, a practitioner can achieve phenomenal coaching results. Coaches become empowered and confident, fully resourced and determined to take on ambitious personal change.

Nick Drake-Knight is the creator of Continue & Begin® Fast Coaching® and its latest evolution Continue & Begin®.


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"Nick is the perfect combination of expertise, original thought and an enthralling communicator which is why the new audible version of Fast Coaching is the perfect way to develop your coaching skills."

– Simon Parrott, Customer Experience Performance Manager, VOLVO CAR UK LIMITED

"Listening to the Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® model can’t help but make you realise the most effective methods are the simplest models to deliver. Nick Drake-Knight has added an extra layer of effectiveness with the delivery of Fast Coaching®. "

– Alan Bartrum, Senior Training & Development Consultant, HENRY FORD ACADEMY