Continue & Begin® first emerged in the 1990s as a means of strengthening ego and belief systems in adult management students.

Continue & Begin® enhanced self-worth and stimulated personal belief in opportunity and possibility. It proved remarkably effective. Since those early days Continue & Begin® has evolved into a rapid-results change tool for individuals and groups in diverse environments. It is used in business, in social care environments, in education and in the family. Thousands of Continue & Begin® Fast Coaches now help others identify choice options, developing their potential.

Students and practitioners of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® know my admiration for the concept of Patterns Which Connect, first promoted by Gregory Bateson. Patterns exist in all environments, including personal development.

Over time I’ve recognised a series of patterns which connect in helping Continue & Begin® achieve even more effective outcomes. These patterns, calibrated and codified, offer an opportunity to enhance Continue & Begin®.

New Code Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® brings new patterns to improve performance through fast coaching. Included in New Code is greater emphasis on Milton Erickson’s Pseudo-Orientation in Time, a future state of resourcefulness and choice where the subject can fully associate with successful performance. Also included in New Code is greater understanding for the Continue & Begin® Fast Coach in the basics of transformational grammar, specifically Chomksy’s original work on ‘utterance’.

Of course, proven structures remain from traditional Continue & Begin®. New Code patterns include carefully crafted syntax which take Continue & Begin® to the next level – an even higher level of effectiveness.

Watch this space for detailed content on this exciting new development, including a revised delegate workbook and updated trainer notes.