Licensed Reseller

Become a Licensed Reseller of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®

Introducing the Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Licensed Reseller Programme

With Continue & Begin® Reseller your business delivers Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® training programmes, including Certified Coach and Certified Trainer, direct to your existing customers and future clients, under license from Continue and Begin Ltd.

Continue and Begin Ltd provides you the knowledge transfer training and learning materials (delegate workbook pdfs and content videos) to use at your events. We offer optional visual branding, and online back-up resources enabling your team of trainers to deliver a fantastic Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® experience for your customer base.


  • Become a Licensed Reseller of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®
  • Deliver Continue & Begin® programmes to your own clients
  • Select your industry sector(s)
  • Choose UK or Overseas territories
  • Non-Exclusive or Exclusive
  • Certified Coach and Certified Trainer formats
  • Option to engage Nick Drake-Knight for high profile events


"Nick is the perfect combination of expertise, original thought and an enthralling communicator which is why the new audible version of Fast Coaching is the perfect way to develop your coaching skills."

Simon Parrott
Volvo Car UK Limited

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