Training is different to coaching. Training introduces:

  • New knowledge                        
  • New skills
  • New processes                              
  • New behaviours
  • New ways of thinking

The common word? ‘New’!

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is different to Training. Continue & Begin asks precision questions to release locked away treasures. It reminds the Coachee of what they already know – what they’ve already learned through training.

Everything you’ve ever learnt, seen, heard, tasted, felt, experienced, is recorded in your unconscious mind. This includes all those things you have been trained in at work, at school, and in social or sporting contexts. These learnings are imprinted on our unconscious minds as ‘engrams’, recordings of experience. The challenge is that some useful learnings are difficult to access, inadvertently stored in a forgotten place.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® helps unlock useful learnings so the Coachee can re-access them and start using all that knowledge and skill in the way it was intended. Coaching allows people to rediscover what they already know.

In Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® we do this (rapidly) by asking fantastic questions, to celebrate successes and achievements, to strengthen the ego, before encouraging the individual to strive for new goals, implementing and applying knowledge already stored in their unconscious minds.

They’ve already been trained, they have the knowledge and skill, it’s just they have Forgotten to Remember!