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    C&B FAST Coaching®

    • Results are driven by the team, not management
    • Behaviours change and are sustained
    • People feel GREAT about what they do
    • Teams are self-sufficient
    • People feel engaged

    The HYBRID workshop

    • Reduced cost
    • No need to pull teams off-the-job for a whole day
    • Zero travel, location or catering costs
    • Digest new ideas between modules
    • Learners progress at their own pace
    • ‘Face to Face’ remote workshops with a C&B® Senior Facilitator
    • Learning is balanced with workload

    Return on Investment

    • £3,000 +vat for up to 12 delegates
    • Access to all materials for 3 months
    • Fully supported progress
    • Optional assessment and Certification
    • Optional access to C&B® Community forum

    Week 1

    • Live introduction with facilitator one hour online
    • A range of self-directed activities for delegates to complete over the course of the week

    Week 2

    • Second live session with facilitator one hour online
    • A range of self-directed activities for delegates to complete over the course of the week

    Week 3

    • Final live session with facilitator one hour online
    • Final set of self-directed activities

    Week 4

    • Final set of self-directed activities
    • Video submission for signoff
    • Options for certification and joining the community


    What if there was a way, the silver bullet, the solution to the ever-existing challenge; how to tap into and unleash our and our people’s full potential? Perhaps a magical method that can be effortlessly applied and never fails? Perhaps something that anybody could use and share for the benefit of the people we care about? Well, that method exists, it’s called Continue and Begin Fast Coaching®; I have used it for years and it never failed me, at work, at home and in my personal sphere. Thank you, Nick, for enriching mine and the lives of those I care of around me.

    Paolo Cimbri - Helly Hansen

    Listening to the Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® model can’t help but make you realise the most effective methods are the simplest models to deliver. Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® has the ability to transform how we manage our teams and ourselves by offering a robust and effective method. Nick Drake-Knight has added an extra layer of effectiveness with the delivery of Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® . No more laboured ‘feedback’ sessions and certainly no more ‘shoe pie’, let’s celebrate what we and our employees are doing well and then identify how they and we can be even better! This course has transformed our curriculum team, focussing us on the successes before identifying how we overcome the challenges businesses face.

    Alan Bartrum - Henry Ford Academy

    Nick helped us deliver a learning solution which in turn was transformational in realising the potential of our customer facing people. That product was Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® . It is simple to learn, easy to use and is highly effective in people development. I use Continue & Begin® myself with the teams I manage. I have also trained many managers in my time with Virgin Media to use Continue & Begin® . In both cases I have seen and received positive feedback on the benefits realised. I would highly recommend Continue & Begin® as an effective people development tool.

    Michael Herraghty - Lloyds Registry

    To make it happen

    • We will talk you through the benefits
    • We’ll share some case studies
    • Book your ‘live’ sessions in
    • Confirm logistics/payment
    • Send out the workbooks and supply you the login details for your 12 delegates