Grow your own C&B® internal trainers! NOW UPDATED with New Code Continue & Begin® content!

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® lends itself well to a Train The Trainer format, especially for roll-out across a national or international estate, or for large call centre operations.

Train-The-Trainer helps create an internal Continue & Begin® training capability, creating a team of in-house Licensed Trainers of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®, accredited and skilled to create new Fast Coaches in their businesses.

Here’s the programme outline:

Licensed Trainers of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Train The Trainer programme

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® training technology is transferred to organisations, either through in-house L&D teams, or where L&D resource is limited, to operational management teams. The TTT programme offers choice too; a combination approach engaging both L&D practitioners and operational managers works really well. This provides sustainability and longevity for the programme allowing an internal team to run follow-up events for new Continue & Begin® Fast Coaches, and refresher sessions.

The TTT approach consists of a 3 day programme of professional development:


Day 1 of 2 – Training

Potential Licensed Trainers of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® learn and experience the training day as delegates. Delivery is by NDK, the creator of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® and includes the latest developments in Continue & Begin® application*.

Day 2 of 2 – Practise Workshop Day

New trainers gain the underpinning knowledge to understand and enable them to effectively deliver the Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® skills programme to colleagues.

It is realistic to accommodate up to x25 participants on Days 1 & 2 of each TTT.


Day 3 – Assessment Days

Each new Continue & Begin® trainer is assessed during his/her first delivery by NDK (or Master Trainer colleague) to ensure effective delivery and integrity of learning content. Upon successful delivery the new trainer is Accredited as a Licensed Trainer of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® within their organisation.

Contact me or call on 07870 904636 to create an internal Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® training function in your organisation.

*Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® continues to evolve.