Every Customer Wants®

Every Customer Wants® takes customer service skills to a higher level of professionalism, introducing proven approaches from class-leading organisations. Every Customer Wants® principles apply in all forms of consumer relationship, built around three customer needs: Understand Me, Add Value for MeMake it Easy for Me®

  • Transform customer experience
  • Develop a service culture into an experience culture
  • Increase customer engagement sustainably
  • Every Customer Wants® is online here

 “Fresh ideas and innovation help our retail partners stay at the cutting edge of customer service quality in both sales and after sales. We’ve used Nick Drake-Knight on a number of occasions to add value to our business leader conference and seminar events. Our network partners value the energetic, challenging style. We’ve stimulated change, helped managers remove blockages in retailer businesses, and we’ve motivated dealer principals and sales managers to invigorate sales management practices. Nick has been instrumental in helping us do this”. 

David Higson
Business Skills Training Manager
Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd
“Thank you so much for being part of FLCA’s 2018 conference (at North Carolina State University).  We received very positive feedback and your presentation contributed to the quality of the conference!  Below, you will find the averages (on a 4 point scale) for your specific presentation, as well as comments”.

  • Engaging presentation: 4.0
  • Relevant Information: 4.0
  • New Information: 3.5
  • Likelihood of using information: 4.0

FLCA delegates’ comments:

  • “A great model”
  • “Excellent content and delivery”
  • ”Exceptional presenter”
  • “So useful and simple!”
  • “Love this as an overarching model. And LOTS of fun!”
  • “Very personable and informative”
  • “I especially liked the charts and visuals and examples of coaching interactions”
Margaret E. Machara, PhD, CFLE
Family Life Coaching Association, USA

“As Winston Churchill once said, ‘If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.’ Nick-Drake Knight is the one to do this! Brilliant public speaker and debater. Aspiring public speakers would be wise to seek out videos of Nick in action. Pleasure to work with him.”

Nicola Scorgie
HR Manager,
Sport Aberdeen

“If you want a relevant, memorable and motivational event then look no further than NDK. Before the event, Nick worked hard to understand what was important to us and what we were trying to achieve, and then tailored the content impeccably. Crucially, each of our team went away with their heads held high clutching new techniques that will make them even better at what they do”

Dale Sykes
Training & Development Manager
SlideRobes Group


"Nick is the perfect combination of expertise, original thought and an enthralling communicator which is why the new audible version of Fast Coaching is the perfect way to develop your coaching skills."

Simon Parrott
Volvo Car UK Limited

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