I often receive emails, tweets, texts and calls from people who have taken Continue & Begin Fast Coaching™ beyond the world of work. A common theme is application in sport, and in particular, youth sport. Coaches report three applications of Continue & Begin™:

1. The Core Questions – using Continue & Begin Fast Coaching™ core questions to celebrate sporting success, to build up patterns of recognised achievement and then, once the athlete’s ego is strengthened, seeking small incremental changes in behaviour to Begin To do differently, and perhaps, even better.

2. The Structure of Well-Done-Ness™ – identifying specific building blocks of sports behaviour and process which have created the coachee’s Well-Done-Ness™. This is ‘assisted-self-modelling’, a topic for a future blog post. Readers of ‘Boomerang! Coach Your Team to Be the Best’ will recognise the distinction between The Structure of Well-Done-Ness™ and the short-lived merits of Chocolate Praise™.

3. Can’t to Can™ – helping sports players move from I Can’t to I Can is a common report. Many sports men and women, boys and girls, establish limiting beliefs, self-decided, about what they can do and what they can’t. “I just can’t do it”, “It’s too hard”, “I’m not good enough” – the restrictive power of self-limiting belief is enormous. When individuals reject these inhibiting thought processes, remarkable possibilities begin to emerge. When family members, especially young people, break through their limiting beliefs the outcomes are often deeply moving, producing positive emotions and new behaviours lasting a lifetime.

My favourite story comes from Steve, a former Continue & Begin Fast Coaching™ delegate. Steve called me some months after we’d met at a training day. He had attended a Continue & Begin™ event through his employer, a well-known retailer and was using Fast Coaching™ methods in his supervisory management role. Steve told me he wanted to thank me; though not for the benefits he was experiencing at work. His 7 year old son had been nervous of swimming and had resisted all encouragement to enter the water. Some weeks previously Steve had used the  framework with his son and was calling me to share his excitement. His boy had just been awarded a 25metre breast stroke certificate from his local swimming club. We were both a little ‘choked’.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching™can be remarkable.