Nick Drake-Knight


Nick Drake-Knight leads a team of CX specialists offering F2F and online training and coaching programs for CX and sales teams.

With more than three decades of experience in this field, Nick has created and delivered innovative and effective solutions for commercial and public sector clients across the UK and internationally.

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is used by global brands, every day, across the world.

Its success lies in its positivity and speed of application. Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® drives up performance, quickly. Aspiring Continue & Begin® coaches are trained at in-company Certified Coach development events.

For sustainable change, L&D professionals learn to deliver Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® training (in-house) through our Certified Trainer (Train-the-Trainer) programme.

Continue & Begin® Suppliers.
Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is delivered to commercial, public and third sector organisations;

  • Directly to the commissioning organisation by Continue and Begin Ltd, or
  • Through authorised Reseller License holders
  • For Continue & Begin® online please click here
Continue & Begin® Delivery Model

  • Delivered as a 1 Day training event, the Certified Coach programme enables new coaches to learn and use Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® within their work or community environment.
  • Our Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programme, over 2 days, helps clients rapidly cascade a positive coaching and growth culture throughout their organisation, sustaining employee or volunteer professional development.
  • An optional TTT service includes assessment of each trainers’ Continue & Begin® delivery quality.
  • To ensure a tailored, valid experience for learners, demonstration video content is adapted for each commissioning organisation, to reflect context.
  • Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE providing even greater speed and flexibility for businesses using it.

Nick Drake-Knight Podcast Appearance
How to sustain learning and make it fun!

Nick Drake-Knight recently had the pleasure of appearing on The Contact Centre Podcast. In Episode 9 titled ‘Contact Centre Coaching: How to sustain learning and make it fun!’, Nick Drake Knight introduces us to his favourite method of coaching advisors in the contact centre, before sharing some expert tips on how to improve your training programme.

Call Center Coaching: How To Sustain Learning And Make It Fun!

by The Contact Centre Podcast – Episode 9

Training Providers!

Grow your training portfolio by becoming a Licensed Reseller of CBL training products.

With Continue & Begin® Reseller your business delivers CBL training programmes direct to your existing customers, and future clients, under license from Continue and Begin Ltd.

Continue & Begin Ltd provides you the knowledge transfer training and learning materials (delegate workbook pdfs and content videos) for use at your events.

  • Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®
  • Meerkat Selling®
  • Every Customer Wants®
  • We offer optional visual branding, and online back-up resources enabling your team of trainers to deliver a fantastic Continue &
  • Begin Fast Coaching® experience for your customer base.
  • Available as an annual licence fee (agencies) or PAYG arrangement (sole traders).
  • Develop your CPD offerings and build business volume by becoming a CBL Licensed Reseller.
  • Contact CBL for an informal discussion and potential next steps.

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L&D Teams!

To sustain change, L&D professionals deliver Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® training events, in-house, through our Certified Trainer (TTT) programme.

Numerous international brands have integrated Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® into their operations via our TTT programme.

  • 2 day TTT event for up to 12 L&D professionals, per cohort.
  • Additional cohorts if required.
  • Day 1, demonstration delivery of Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® by CBL senior consultant.
  • Day 2, review of Day 1, content insights, delivery notes, workshop style ‘how to’ sessions, practise opportunities, knowledge transfer of underpinning principles.
  • Comprehensive pack of workbooks, new trainer prompts & detailed notes, InDesign files, demo & refresher video clips, signposting to resources, copies of Fast Coaching.
  • InDesign files adaptable to branding.
  • Follow up online support for 6 months from date of TTT delivery.

CBL Trainer Certification

  • New trainers roll out their first C&B® training events to colleagues.
  • CBL quality assessment of each new trainer.
  • Pre-delivery support, on-the-day encouragement, written observation notes.
  • New trainers assessed as ‘75%+ competent’ receive CBL Certified Trainer accreditation.
  • Contact CBL for an informal discussion and potential next steps.

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