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Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is used by world class global brands every day.

Its success lies in its positivity and speed of application. Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® drives up performance, quickly. We train new Continue & Begin® coaches at in-company Certified Coach development events. For truly sustainable change, we train L&D professionals to deliver Continue & Begin Fast Coach® training (in-house) through our Certified Trainer programme.


“We went about training-in our new and simple, 5 step selling model. Crucially however we spent as much if not more time with our managers training them on how to coach this in, using Continue & Begin®. This sounds obvious, but we’d under-invested in training our managers in the past and fell into the classic mistake of not building up the consistency and sustainability of our approach. With our newly adopted Continue & Begin® model the standards of coaching-in a better sales performance using observed data and metrics is of primary importance.”

Mike Hawes
Director of Organisational Development

“We put huge resources into increasing the competencies of our sales people. Sustainability at local level is a fundamental basis of success. Coaching is only possible using a workable model and Continue & Begin® is just that. Helping store owners and managers to help their salespeople has a massive potential to increase sales and is an area we continue to support. Especially in these challenging retail times.”

Steve Devonshire
Training Manager UK, Netherlands and Benelux

“Continue & Begin® has offered us a unique platform to start building the essential people management skills to grow our business. The results achieved have been incredible; measured in behavioral changes across the whole workforce. The easy approach and simplicity with which the training is delivered made investing in this product worth every single penny. The return is tangible from day one. We now have a consolidated and competitive commercial advantage.” 

Paolo Cimbri
EMEA Retail Operations Manager

“Nick and his team have worked hard to ensure our internal trainers are comfortable and confident in the delivery of Continue & Begin®. Enthusiasm and attention to detail has ensured we feel capable as a business to really make a difference using Fast Coaching. The positive impact Continue & Begin® is having in Virgin Media is already shining through. Managers and coaches are focussing on behavioural rather than a traditional technical approach. This is reaping great benefits. The support Nick and his team offer on an on-going basis will ensure the impact the model is having will continue. Continue & Begin is part of our DNA now and long may that continue.”

Simon Connolly
Head of Training & Development



"Nick is the perfect combination of expertise, original thought and an enthralling communicator which is why the new audible version of Fast Coaching is the perfect way to develop your coaching skills."

Simon Parrott
Volvo Car UK Limited

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