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What Customers Want
Customer Service

Nick Drake-Knight is a recognised authority on customer service excellence. Some of the world’s most prestigious brands use Nick to drive home the absolute, essential requirement for customer facing staff to operate with integrity and congruence.

  • Conference Speaker
  • Customer Service Training Specialist
  • Customer Service Consulting

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Continue & Begin

Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® is delivered as a one day Certified Coach program packed full of intriguing people change tools (including Cant to Can™ Belief Busting method as featured here) and heaps of practise time, crammed into an energetic 6 hour event.

  • Embed New Behaviours
  • Keep Training Alive
  • Licensed Trainer Programme

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Meerkat Selling
Sales Training

Meerkat Selling™ distils winning strategies from best-in-class retailers in a proven and easy to use retail sales process. Meerkat Selling™ is now the standard delivery format for leading DIY chains, automotive dealers, furniture retailers, home entertainment specialists, travel companies and prestige leisure brands.

  • Used by Class Leaders
  • Inspire Your Sales Team
  • Raise the Roof!

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